Friday, June 11, 2010

Copyright Act, 1957

Section 63

Plaintiff engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing audio cassettes, video cassettes, compact disks, televisions, CD Players, fans, mineral water and various other products . Defendant illegally exploiting the sound recordings as well as the lyrics, musical compositions and music videos that are copyrights of the plaintiff . Defendants in continued breach of the plaintiffs copyrights and are seeking to unfairly gain an advantage over other Cable TV operators who have recognized the plaintiffs copyrights and have entered into valid public performance license agreements
HELD "I hereby restrain permanently all the other defendants, their officers, servants, agents and representatives and anyone acting for or on their behalf from engaging themselves or authorizing the public performance or communicating to the public or in any other way exploiting films, sound recordings and literary works (lyrics) and musical positions or other work or part thereof of the plaintiff."

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