Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trade Marks Act, 1999

Section 27 — Passing off. "DABUR Dashmularishta" and "DABUR Ashokarishta" Sufficient evidence of the palintiff available to prove that the plaintiff is only the proprietor and prior user of the labels are of the palintiff. Labels of the defendant are simple imitations or substantial reproductions of the plaintiffs labels therefore the profits of the defendant are the losses suffered by the plaintiff HELD that the defendant must be directed to produce its account books. Compensatory damages awarded .The ploy of defendant is that it simply picked up the label in the advertisement of the plaintiffs product and used it as their label for 'Dashmularishta' in terms of Para 21 (i), (ii and (iii) of the plaint with costs along with damages to the tune of Rs. 1 lac as against the relief of Para 21 (iv) of the plaint. The decree be drawn accordingly.

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