Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trade Marks Act, 1999

Section 29 — Deceptively similar " For a deceptive similarity, the resemblance must be such as to be likely to . deceive or cause confusion. What degree of resemblance is necessary is, from the nature of things, a matter incapable of definition a priori. Each case must depend upon on its own facts and circumstances, in the considered opinion. The risk of deceptive and confusion ought not to be fancifully and it must be a real one the decree of similarity of the two marks in sight and sound, looking not just at the registered mark as a whole but also at its salient or essential features or the idea behind it, the whole range of potential customers for the goods protected by the registered mark, and not just customers for the goods of the particular type marked by the defendant, the nature and kind of customer likely to purchase the plaintiffs' and defendants' goods; the manner in which the purchasers of the goods are generally made."
Name and style "Shri Pattathu Amman Textiles" the offending mark trade mark consistent of a device of an Aeroplane with the word Jet brand reputed in English, Tamil and Hindi in blue, red and yellow colour combination . However defendant doing the business under the name and style of 'Naya Jet Brand Lungies' Sri Periyur Amman Textiles from 16.7.1999 onwards in the name of 'QUEEN JET BRAND' therefore deceptive adoption of device of the Aeroplane.

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